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  1. Didn’t work, I still got an error telling me that I had the wrong password or username (and I know I didn’t get either wrong.

  2. Oh, and I can still see that your email address is b.boguzz@yahoo.com

  3. who’s this ?

  4. he is a fucker
    fuck u

  5. works for me, thanks man.
    was searchin all day long…

  6. cooooooool. one time activation. 4 real, its real

  7. Work first time. Good stuff.

  8. worked in the first round, Good Job! Saved me from a major headache, now I can read all of my email messages without any hassles

  9. Works like a charm, Thanks.

  10. ty mate the only one working

    i think its bcoz of imap.mail.yahoo.com and not just mail.yahoo.com or

  11. working fine at the first attempt ,good to see mail without hassle

  12. Thanks for the guide. I read several articles that did not work, but this worked perfectly.

  13. IT WORKED!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  14. yay!!! thank you so much! it works for me!

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