Windows 8 Default Font Download – Repair Kit

A long time ago I’ve offered you a simple solution on how to restore your default fonts in Windows 7. The basic idea is that you can get in real problems if your default system fonts get messed up. For example, when you install too many fonts or even worst, when you allow other software to replace your fonts. In this cases, your explorer, your browser, your games and basically everything on your computer can show strange characters and bad font style.

To repair this error I recommend to restore all your fonts:

1. Go to C:\Windows\Fonts (where C:\ is my Windows drive) and delete as much fonts as you can. (ctrl+a to select all and delete key to delete … skipped where the system couldn’t remove the files)

2. Download the default Font folder : Windows 8 Default Font Folder

3. Extract the content of that folder.

4. Select all the files in the extracted folder (ctrl+a)

5. Right click and select Install

Enjoy! If you search the default fonts for Windows 7, click here.


  1. For some reason all of my default fonts are gone, so this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you so so much!

    • I am investigating that now … come back to you soon.

      [Later Edit] Sorry, there was a missed link. Now it should work fine. Thank you for noticing me that!

  2. This would be more helpful with pictures, because I can’t read any of the folder/option text due to the whole fonts being missing thing

    • Hi Jess, thank you for your tip. I am thinking now that maybe is better to create you a script (batch file) for this. I will come back to you during this weekend with this.

      Until that, just browse to C:\Windows\Fonts and hit ctrl+a then delete. From the zip file, just hit ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste.

      Hope you can manage it until my reply. Thanks!

  3. Hello, sorry for this question. The arrow at my laptop was missing. I can’t click any apps. For now, I just use the left, right, up, down and enter button. I cant turned off the laptop in the right way. Please help me. Thank you.

  4. Hi,
    I’m using a Windows 8.1 OS..
    For some reason my default fonts are getting deleted every time i restart my system..

    after restart all the text will look symbolic..
    not readable.. i check my font folder everything deleted.. only 2 fonts will be remaining..

    Please help me fix this..


  5. Thanks for this, it’s saved an awful lot of time getting hold of another 8.1 installation. Don’t know what happened but I rebooted and found that my fonts folder had been deleted apart from 3 basic fonts.

  6. Hi …..
    recently I installed a large font package on my system . it contained 2500 fonts .
    and very soon I realized that its slowing the system .
    so I went to Font Library of windows and deleted over 100 of my fonts .
    I was getting errors during that deletion . but I ignore them since I had no Idea that my windows default font was among the deleted ones .
    And now every 20 or 30 minutes …. A blue window comes up saying that system is trying recover some missing files and will be restarted after the process is 100% .
    problem is it never restarts .
    I just have to turn it of mannualy …
    Do you have any solution for me ? Or I just HAve to Reinstall my windows ?
    Thank you .

  7. Thank you so so much.
    I accidentally deleted most of my system fonts and programs like Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 kept crashing because of missing fonts.

    Thank you ;)

    • yes, it also works for windows 8.1.
      Remember that you need to install 7Zip software in order to be able to run that automatically script.

      Have fun!

  8. hey, i have following those steps, but my another programs like office, notepad++, and also my game, still haven’t work correctly because missing the font, may u help me?

    • Not sure … you might also change the Windows Color and fonts. Right click on your desktop, personalize and choose a basic/default windows theme to reset any changes you might have done.

  9. Hi Bogdan.

    I’ve been having the same problems with Afsal. I finally got to install the fonts from the original link that you posted but when I restart/shutdown my computer. Everything goes back to gibberish or may I say signs and symbols. I’ve tried setting them to read only files but still the same problem. I know the problem is half fixed but I don’t want to have to keep installing the fonts every time I restart my computer.

    Thanks very much

  10. Thanks _very_ much for this. I was getting the empty box “missing glyph” for default bullets in MS Word 2013, and it was driving me _nuts_! This fixed it handily.

  11. Hello,
    Thank you for this it’s very helpful but I have an extra problem.
    Every time I restart my computer the fonts disappear again and I have to install them all over again; Is there a solution for this?

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