How to setup your Yahoo! Mail SPAM folder into Windows 8 Mail App?

Do you use the Windows 8 Mail App? Do you also use it to get your Yahoo! Mail? Then you may already observed that your SPAM folder is not shown within the app page.


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How can I clean my Start Apps/Programs in Windows 8?

Just got a question from one of the visitors asking me if I know how to delete Apps/Programs/Shortcuts from Windows 8 Start.

For example if you Read more →

0x0000001A Blue Screen: Memory Management Error

A friend of mine asked me today to support him with an error. First, he notice frequent errors using the web browser (Chrome in his case):


Second, in some cases, when this error is generated, the Windows is also rebooting/restarting.

Having this facts to work with I started with:

1. Reinstall Chrome, clear windows registry, system file checker – same behaviour. Read more →

People got scammed via phone: the computer virus trick …. but not this guy [FUN]

Hehe …. seems like the IT scammers got scammed…

Dual-boot: Set Windows 8 as default boot loader option in Grub

Usually users have only one operating systems installed on their home computer. Most popular is Windows. But there are also a big number of Mac users and of course, a nice handful of Linux users. But there are users that want to use multiple OS-s on their machine. For that, multiple solutions can be used like VMs, live disks or dual boot.

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Install flash player for Firefox [Ubuntu]

Have you tried using Ubuntu? Is the most popular Linux distribution between home pc users. Is very user friendly and works as a very good and free alternative to Microsoft Windows. If you are a beginner, then you might run into a lot of problems… especially if you are an old school windows user.

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Headphones not working on your laptop? A strange solution that is actually working.

Today, I ran into some trouble connecting my headphones with my laptop. Normally, when you connect some headphones to the 3.5mm jack, the sound switch automatically from speakers to headphones. But not today.

I tried with 2 different pair of headphones and nothing. I restart my computer and nothing. I even restarted with the headphones connected and didn’t work. I started to search internet for solution (like sound drivers or so) but I found a different approach of the problem.

Strange but the first thing to try and I really expected to work was this idea: on kioskea, a guy recommended to turn your pc off and remote power supply and battery and press the power button (like nothing is happening). And yes, it works :)

It is strange but basically doing that is somehow set your the entire electrical circuit to a hardware reset state. So if you have some static electrical charges that have no load -to discharge- (some switched off/floating capacitors) that keeps your system into a strange state, then is not working if you just reset your PC. You need to do this kinda strange trick to put your PC to a “real” switched off state.

If you do this and but battery/plug-in back then you’ll have a nice sound on your headphones :)

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USB Memory only 1GB from 16GB, 8GB, 4GB, 2GB

So … yesterday I just installed Ubuntu (linux) alongside Windows and I used my 16GB usb memory through the process. I simply performed a format to the USB memory and transform it into an bootable device with Ubuntu. All things went perfect until I returned to Windows and wanted to use my memory for something else.

The surprise was when I just saw that my Memory has only 1GB (0.98 MB to be more accurate) instead of my usually 16GB (14.67 GB actually). I tried to format the device couple of time and no success in bringing back the entire capacity. After a couple more minutes I went to Disk Management (Right click on Computer and select Manage to go to Computer Management) and found this:

1gb after formatSo, my Disk 2 (USB memory) has an Unallocated space and is using only those 1006 MB. So, what can you do about this? How can I restore my USB device to its original settings?

The solution is quite simple and requires a Windows tools called DISKPART while the formal right click and shrink or extend options are not available for Removable devices like an USB Memory. So, let’s start:

1. Open the Command Prompt window (go to run and type cmd)

2. Type DISKPART in Command Prompt and run it as Administrator (you will be asked about this if your cmd processes is opened with normal user)

3. Type list disk in diskpart. You should see something similar to this window:

1gb after format3

4. Locate your USB memory number (in my case is disk 2) and type select disk 2 (change 2 with your disk number).

1gb after format4

5. After you get the messege: “Disk 2 is now selected disk.” just type clean

1gb after format5

6. After you get “DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.” message type create primary partition

1gb after format6

7. Now type select partition 1

1gb after format7

8. Type Activate

1gb after format8

9. And that’s all. Type exit to close the DISKPART tool.

Go back to Disk Management and you will see that the Memory capacity is back to normal: one big piece of 14.67 GB :)

1gb after format9

The only need to do is to format again your drive (you will be asked about this when you try to access it). Just make a quick format and enjoy!