Programs keeps opening on non-existing second monitor.

Yesterday I watched a movie on my TV using HDMI cable to connect my laptop. I’ve configured my TV as an extensive display and opened a couple of programs on my TV. Now, my TV is unconnected and those programs are keep opening on my non-existing TV.

The solution is simple, just bring the programs back to the main display. To do this, keep the Windows key pressed while pressing on the arrows.


How to add OK/Check mark symbol in Word, Excel (Office)

Today I had to make a comparison table in Word/Excel and I needed a ok, not ok symbol. Because this is not a straigh forward solution I though to share with you the way I solved it…

  1. Go to Insert, Symbol
  2. Change Font to “Webdings” and search for ok/nok symbols.

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Dual monitor configuration: How to set primary monitor?

If you have a dual monitor configuration at home or office (extended desktops) you can easily choose which one is your primary.

  1. Wight click on your desktop and choose “Screen Resolution
  2. Select you desired screen and check “Make this my main display

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Yesterday I had to move some files from my computer to a public computer (printer center) using my personal usb memory. After I came back home I inserted back the USB and it was no surprise for me to see a strange behavior.

As a general info … All public computers are infected with all kinds of viruses and computer worms. read more »

Windows 10 Pro Default Fonts Download

Some time ago I’ve offerent an easy way to repair your damaged Fonts or to simply clean your “Fonts” folder for Windwos 7 and Windows 8. Now is time to offer the same for Windows 10.

Therefore, if you have Windows 10 and if you change some system fonts you might get into trouble. Some programs will show you strange characters instead of letter or strange fonts (in the wrong place). For this kind of trouble, a simple solution that I recommend is to simply restore the default Fonts folder. And this is how you can do this: read more »

Double-Sided Scanning using Single-Sided Scanner

I recently got into trouble trying to scan around 50 pages using my home scanner. I use a HP Officejet 4500 that have an automatically feed scanner that is able to scan one sided documents. Unfortunately, all my pages were double-sided.

At first I tried to manually scan page by page but I abandoned this action very quickly while 50 double-sided pages require a lot of time and effort. So I had to search for better solution… read more »


Hi …. long time, no see. During all this time a lot had happens in my personal life but everything is fine now and all should be ok and I should be able to post more here.

One week ago I installed my free Windows 10. Unfortunately, I got this blue screens from time to time with “INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR“.


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