Problem: I bought my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate from eBay. After installing updates I received this error:  “Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of windows not genuine” How do I fix this?


1. Download and run the Genuine Diagnostics tool (MGADiag.exe)

2. Open MGADiag.exe and click “Continue”, after a few moments click “Copy”

3. Contact Microsoft Support Center ( for help with your Windows product. Paste the report on your message.

Here are two possibilities: you have a genuine copy of Windows or you are a victim of a ripoff.

If you have a genuine copy you may have some problems with your Windows configuration. There can be a lack of permissions in the registry key HKU\S-1-5-20 or you have some missing registry keys. In both cases follow the instruction from the Support Center.

There is a big possibility for you to be a victim of a ripoff. In this case you need a new copy of Windows and ask for a refund from eBay. It’s recommended to buy Windows from Microsoft Store:

In this video bellow you can find some tips about how to distinguish an original copy of a counterfeit product. It’s also an example of how good some ripoffs are made.